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ABM Computer Solutions

Your One Stop Business IT Service Provider
ABM Computer Solutions are an IT company situated in Chichester, West Sussex. We provide a range of technical services for all businesses across West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. With over 19 years’ trading experience in IT, we are involved with many different sized businesses in various sectors. Think of us as your dedicated IT department.

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Why Choose ABM To Support Your Business?

From conception we have catered for the business market. The reason for this is due to the amount of experience we have dealing with business issues and infrastructures. Over the 18 years of trading, ABM have accrued support contracts with a variety of businesses in several industries, of different sizes and with various requirements. No matter the level of infrastructure you have or require, ABM's team can support you and your systems. Advising how to allow space for your company's growth, improving efficiencies and of course updating you with important IT information. Still not convinced? 


Honest and dependable

We pride ourselves on the transparency we have with our clientele. If there are issues, we will explain why you have them and how to solve them. Allowing you to make the final decision on precise information. Not only this, ABM always show up and work to high business standards. There is nothing worse than arranging an appointment and having to deal with a no show. Your time is precious.  


We manage your IT infrastructure completely

Running a business is no easy feat. You have to be a person with lots of skills for different parts of your business. IT need not be something to manage on top of it all. ABM supports your complete infrastructure and informs you with the progress we make. This allows you to take a step back and simply digest the information you require. Rather than trying to fix issues yourself. 


We only recruit the best

Our team are highly qualified and experienced individuals. Working in the business industry, they know information and education is key. It is no good having an infrastructure that employees don't know how to use. It is our teams aim to make them feel happy to call if there are issues, and ask questions when required. Because we have a close - knit team, no matter the business calling, we know your infrastructure and can help. 



No good comes from being rigid in your approach - especially with IT. Technology changes rapidly. New products emerge, technology compatibility adapts and solutions vary. If something doesn't work within your business environment, we will offer an alternative. Interchanging certain aspects of your infrastructure until it suits you and your business. Two companies rarely require the same set up, and we never treat them as if they do.

What our customers say about our service...

If you want to read more reviews please check out our Yell page. Alternatively if you want to read about some projects we have completed, visit our case studies pages.

Excellent service again from Dave, Sharepoint was set up with little fuss and ready to work with immediately. Thanks!

Based on our experience, any company should be very pleased with the service and professional IT support ABM Computer Solutions provide.

Thank you very much for the fast and efficient support this morning in getting us back up and running. Impressive reaction time and Dave was a great help.

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