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IT Services

IT Services Chichester, Sussex and Surrey for your business

Server Solution

Server Solutions 

No matter the size of your company, we can advise you on the best server solution for your business. ABM keep in mind your expansion plans or future goals, so your server doesn’t become outdated. To ensure your server is achieving its optimum output ABM consistently monitor its activity. Keeping you up to date on all important matters.
It is recommended that you have a backup solution to run alongside the data you store here. We can also provide you with this service and check that it goes ahead when scheduled. This way you have no worries about losing your company data. 

Remote IT Useage

IT Remote Monitoring 

We encourage all of our customers to sign on for our remote monitoring service. Do not fear, this isn't for spying on what you are doing! This is to ensure everything runs smoothly within your infrastructure. LabTech is the platform we use, it has been transformed by our technicians, from a base product to suit our requirements. It allows ABM to monitor your systems 24/7, sending us email updates when detecting potential threats. Using this software, we can complete repetitive IT maintenance tasks, monitor network components and run auto - remediation programs. All increase efficiencies and prevent problems from occurring.

Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions 

One of the many services we do encourage all companies to have, is a backup of their data. Unfortunately, you never know when you may have system issues. For example: an employee could open a link in an email and ransomware could gain access to their machine. This could then give it access to all data, rendering it unobtainable.  This is where your backup would come in and you wouldn't lose your data. There are many options for backing up your important files, including cloud backup solutions. ABM can identify the best solution for you, supply you with the technology required, continue to monitor and support your backups to ensure completion.

Virus IT Security

Virus Protection & Removal

Our chosen anti-virus partners are Trend Micro. Award winning and a product we have used for years, they supply the perfect product for your business’ protection. There have been many scary stories about cybercrime taking place; but with constant updates from Trend, and ABM monitoring your machines, you are in safe hands.
Did you click through on a fake email link? Password or hacking threat email scared you into compliance? This could mean you have a virus. ABM have been cleaning computer infections for the past 15 years or more. We have the know how to stop the bug from replicating and ensure thorough removal from your machine.