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Server Installation

Server solutions no matter the size of your business, Chichester, Sussex, Hampshire & Surrey

Servers are used for lots of different factors, depending on your business requirements. Most commonly they store data, share data between multiple employees, connect outside technology (such as printers) and possibly hold your email. They are considered to be the hub of your business. Without the right server solution, your business wont flourish efficiently.

How Can I Tell If My Server Is Failing?

> Slow performance
> Start up issues
> Constantly needing IT attention
> Constantly requires rebooting
> Running at maximum capacity
> Staff cannot access data
> Backups are not completing successfully

ABM's Server Installation process

> Identify your business' requirements
> Plan a new sustainable solution
> Purchase hardware
> Migrate your data
> Install the new solution
> Test 
> Ensure you understand your new systems and answer all questions you may have
> Monitor
> Backup consistently 

When Should I Replace My Server?

> If you have had your server 5 years or longer
> Your server is less powerful
> Components in your server are failing
> When it is costing you greatly for maintenance
>  Periods of down time related to the server
> Your server's temperature is constantly hot
> The server fans are noisy
> You have to constantly reboot
> Computers are slow
> Accessing drives is a slow process

Benefits & Drawbacks For Replacing Your Server



+ Able to cater for your business requirements
+ Updated and current with latest security protection
+ Saves support money spent on failing server
+ Increase in efficiency within the working environment
+ You have warranty with a new sever
+ Your business infrastructure has room for growth
+ The servers operating system is supported



- Cost of server and installation
- Potential disruption to employees whilst upgrading

ABM can help you identify if your server needs replacement. We also offer other cost - effective options like virtualisation for your infrastructure. What does this mean? Click here to find out.

Rest assured we can find you the right solution for your current and further forecasted requirements. Trading as ABM Computer Solutions we have been completing server quotations, installations and upgrades for over 16 years; As individual IT support technicians, even longer than this. Please give us a call, we will happily answer any questions you may have, and discuss coming in to look at your infrastructure. 01243 773113