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Network Services

Creating an efficient and responsive network for your business


Broadband Solutions

ABM have partnered with KCOM a leading broadband supplier to offer our clients a smooth process. Working with large broadband companies can be a tedious process. It mainly includes sitting on long call queues and speaking to scripted technicians, who have limited answers for you. With KCOM, ABM have a quick response number and guaranteed service from a qualified technician.
There are many broadband options to choose from, therefore you can pay for what your business requires. ABM will happily recommend which package may work best with your company.

Leased Line Services

Leased Line

This is your own dedicated connection with identical upload and download speeds. Having your own leased line means you do not have to share with any other users / businesses in your area. Only your business can use your leased line. You pay a fixed monthly fee for a certain amount meg (upload and download speed) and receive no worries about slow internet.  If your company relies on good internet everyday then this may be the perfect solution.  ABM can quote you on the costs and arrange for installation.



If internet speed isn't an integral part of your business, then a type of digital subscriber line (DSL) may be for you.  Asymmetric digital subscriber line or ADSL is most commonly used.  It works by sending data through copper telephone lines to a modem situated in your office. Then to your office devices. We can supply you with the whole solution, set it up and support any issues if they arise.

Telephony Infrastructure


We offer business solutions for your telephony infrastructure. This includes the purchase of phones, setting up specific call routes to reach the required person or sector, voicemail, on hold music, call conferencing, call recording and wireless solutions. Partnering with Draytek, ensures we have access to a wide range of robust business products for the wireless market. All of their products are configurable and well supported. All of ABM's technicians are trained thoroughly for the use of Draytek products, so we can efficiently diagnose any problems and fix them.